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Sora from Kingdom Hearts to Smash Ultimate 2019

sora to smash
Kingdom Hearts Visual

Adding Sora to Smash Ultimate will make him the most epic of the game’s DLC characters. But it will be a bit of a puzzle to get him in.

If you’ve been asking for the Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora to be added in as a DLC character for Smash Ultimate, you may have hope yet for the Key blade Wielder’s Smash invitation letter.

The KH series is back at the forefront of pop culture, making this the best time to introduce Sora in Ultimate as a DLC character. We have more characters than the original five coming in future Smash DLC character releases, meaning that there are more opportunities for fan-favorites like Sora to be added in.

So is it even possible? The short answer is: Yes, but it’s complicated. Last year, You Tuber HMK had an opportunity to interview the vice president of Disney Japan. Who confirmed that Disney (not Square Enix) owns the rights to Sora. They said they would be open to putting him in Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, he added that both Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura have direct input over how the character gets used. So for anything to happen, Nintendo, Disney, Square Enix, and Nomura would all need to agree. It might be a long shot, but hey, at least it’s not impossible.

A Copyright nightmare?

You may be asking yourself, “Would Disney ever let their character into Smash Bros.?” It’s a good question because Disney hasn’t really let Sora outside of the Kingdom Hearts series before. Could the first time Sora leaps out of the KH games be within the Smash universe? Without Donald and Goofy (let alone Mickey Mouse), sure, why not.

As it turns out, Disney isn’t that turned off from allowing one of their IPs into Smash.

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