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Is Skate 4 happening? EA & E3 news

skate 4 visual
Skate 4 Visual

Skate 4 happening at EA is about as real as Borderlands 4 or Over-watch 2 right now. I mean it either doesn’t exist, or it is in the very early stages of development. A well kept secret that Electronic Arts should be given a trophy at the next annual awards for corporate subterfuge. Seriously, the potential sequel to Skate 3 has long been in demand from fans of the genre. Yet we’ve been given no sign of an impending announcement about the franchise anytime soon.  

Who knows? Perhaps Skate 4 happening will be a surprise launch title for the PS5 or Xbox Project in a few years time? Maybe a bi announcement is literally days away. Or perhaps we’re all just chasing an illusory pipe dream that will never come to fruition. Regardless, you’ll find all the rumours, news, and potential information about Skate 4 in our frequently updated site. Including the official statements that EA itself has made about the game (spoilers: they’re not very promising). 

Skate 4 happening? Hints

On the evening of June 4, Skate 3’s online servers came back, mere days before the start of EA Play. Sadly, Electronic Arts had nothing to say during its E3 conference. Undermining the significance of that server reboot, but the fact that it came back could still be seen as a signal of future intent nonetheless.

Going back further in the series’ history, Skate and Skate 2 released in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Both sold exceptionally well for a new IP in a niche genre historically dominated by a single franchise. Each title was received favorably by critics and skateboarding fans, too, which quickly established the narrative that Skate was fast on its way to dethroning Tony Hawk as the king of the genre. 

We’re of two minds about Skate 4 happening. Of course we’d love to see another entry in the series. At the same time, EA has changed a lot since 2010. If the reality of a Skate 4 game is one which features an overpriced season pass, walled-off pre-order bonuses and distasteful micro-transactions, then we’d instead prefer to just theoretically enjoy the ideal version of Skate 4 that currently exists in our imagination, thank you very much. 

What does EA’s future look like?

Upcoming EA titles like Anthem suggests that the publisher is making a move away from the profiteering of its past. They head towards a more consumer-first business model, so perhaps there’s hope for a truly fan-servicing Skate game yet.

After all of this build-up and drama, then, Skate 4 happening absolutely has to be worth the wait. We’re willing to give EA the benefit of the doubt if it eventually wishes to make a comeback in the future. 

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