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Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot, Episode List 2020

trinity seven season 2
Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date


Trinity Seven season 2 remains to be a question. The entire plot of Trinity Seven spins around a high school boy named Arata Kasuga. He soon discovers that is world he is living in is an illusion. One day, a sudden breakdown phenomenon ends up destroying the world he currently lives in. However, everything changes on the day of the black sun, which causes the breakdown phenomenon that ends up destroying his town. This also separates Aratas childhood friend and cousin into separate dimensions.

Later on he decides to finally go look for them. He enrolls to the Royal Biblia Academy, and that is where he meets seven people Trinity Seven. Arata Kasuga now has a mission to save his old world to bring his sister back.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

First, the first season was a huge success.The confirmation of the Trinity Seven Season 2 is still pending. According to some news sources and rumors, the release date of Trinity Seven season 2, will be release in April 11, 2020. This release date is just a speculation as of right now. Next fall or even the beginning of 2021 is the most likely a set release date for the new season. In the meantime, we are waiting for an official news confirmation. Once there is an announcement this article will have the information as soon as possible. Until then stay tuned for updates.

Trinity Seven Characters

Arata Kasuga: He is the demon lord of the Superbia archive and the main protagonist of the series. His power is Impel, which means control. After meeting Lilith Asami he enrolls into Royal Biblia Academy. He aspires to become a great mage in order to bring his sister Hijiri back. His personality is calm and he always speaks in a perverted way with others. Other people refer to him as the Demon Lord Candidate.

Hijiri Kasuga: She is disguised as Aratas sister and disappears in the collapse phenomenon which Arata caused. She is later revived as Iscariot to destroy Trinity Seven and the entire world. She is also has the name of the Fallen Saint. Although Arata becomes her enemy, she still has a sisterly love for him. Her power is Runia, which means destruction. Her magus is Ira, which means anger.

Lilith Asami: She is the main girl who always carries a pistol with her. She is known as the magus of lust. She is the first member of Trinity Seven to be friends with Arata Kasuga. Her power is Abie, which means life.

Arin Kannazuki: She is the partner of Demon Lord. Later, she becomes the closest friend of Arata Kasuga and also claims to be his wife. Her power is Runia and her magus is anger. Her appearance is quite similar to Hijiri Kasuga.

Season 2 Predicted Episode List

  1. S2 Episode 1 April 11, 2020

  2. S2 Episode 2 April 18, 2020

Trinity Seven Season 2 Updates

Finally, there are rumors going around that the anime is going to air on April 11, 2020, however, this is not an official announcement. The main reason why there is no Season 2 is that there are license problems. Crunchy roll first obtained the license. In 2015 Madman Entertainment bought the rights for the anime.

After that, another company, Sentai Film works took over in 2016 to continue the project. The current owner of the anime is now KSM Anime, starting from the year of 2017. Fans are still hoping for a Trinity Seven Season 2 in the near future. So far there is a second film adaptation from the current manga. This might be a way to test if there are enough fans of the show. If the movie gets a positive rating, we can certainly predict a new season of Trinity Seven. Hopefully the release of The Irregular at Magic High School does not delay the series.

Check out the official Trinity Seven website: https://trinity-7.com/

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