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Is Jak and Daxter 4 happening? (ps4 or ps5?)

jak and daxter 4
Jak and Daxter 4

Will Jak and Daxter 4 happen? It has been over 14 years since the original release of the last console Jak and Daxter main series game. Jak 3 released on the PlayStation 2 in November of 2004. Since then it has subsequently been remastered and re-released several times on newer consoles.

Games Before Jak 4

Naughty Dog‘s last Jak and Daxter effort was Jak X: Combat Racing, a spinoff from the main series that follows up on a few story arcs from Jak 3. It was released less than a year after Jak 3 in October of 2005. After this, two games made by different studios came out: Daxter on PSP in 2006 and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier in 2009. Daxter followed the events that Daxter experienced before rescuing Jak in Jak 2Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier takes place after Jak X: Combat Racing. It makes some largely unwelcome changes to the Jak and Daxter formula. We haven’t had a full-fledged game since Jak 3.  

Fan clamoring reached a fever pitch around the time that Naughty Dog revealed that they had kicked around some ideas and art regarding a possible reboot for the franchise in 2014. Fans largely fell in love by the art that was on the website. They were happy that the franchise was not over, and the designs had a more photo-realistic world and characters.

The simple fact that Naughty Dog released their artwork for a proposed Jak and Daxter game came as a bittersweet pill to fans. It indicated that the new management and project leads were still open to working on the franchise. After Naughty Dog Co-Founder and Jak and Daxter co-creator, Jason Rubin, left the company. That’s the sweet part. The bitter part is that there is no new Jak and Daxter game.  

What is Naughty Dog up to?

So, is Naughty Dog working on Jak and Daxter? What we know is that they’re working on The Last of Us Part II. Some rumors say there wa a casting call on October 2018 with a specific body/facial type in mind for the main protagonist. In a game they’re supposedly working on that would be right at home in an Uncharted game. In addition to this, earlier in 2018, Sony had put together a new development team out of San Diego to work with a major Sony studio

Based on the job listings cited in the post, it sounds like this new team is going to work on projects similar in scope to Uncharted. It makes sense to pass off the franchise, as Uncharted is a massive money maker for Sony. However, Naughty Dog employees and management seem to have expressed disinterest in revisiting it anytime soon.

jak 4
Jak 4 concept art

If it’s true that this new studio is working on the next Uncharted game. It leads me to believe that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us Part II and something else. Is the something else Jak 4? There is no reliable information but only rumors. With Sony having canceled PSX last year and with them skipping E3 this year, it’s anyone’s guess as to when information on Naughty Dog‘s next project will come out. Until the day comes, I will cross my fingers and. hope that we finally see a Jak and Daxter 4

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